Vacuum Technology


Many years of interdisciplinary know-how in high vacuum (HV) and ultra high vacuum (UHV) business,

from research to production.


Vacuum technology is one of Adenso´s core competency especially winding solutions for roll-to-roll R2R equipment (web roll coater) for all kind of flexible materials like plastic foils (web), thin metal foils (strip), textiles and also for #UTG ultra-thin glasses (ultra thin glass UTG).
Based on the extensive experience Adenso can offer a wide range of winding technology for roll coater - starting from compact roll-to-roll coating machines for reasearch up to modular vacuum rollcoater concepts for ultra high thin film production.
Adenso holds own patent solutions for research vacuum web coater and also for high productive thin film vacuum coating machines.




Rollcoater R2R - Roll to Roll Vacuum development
Metal foils SCS 1300 high productive
  SCS XXXX high productive
Plastic foils WCS XXXX high productive
  WCS 2200 high productive
  WCS 600 research & production
  WCS 300 research
Plastic and metal foils, textiles, paper  FCS 3000 / 2200 ultra high productive
   FCS 1800/1600/1200 ultra high productive
   FCS 800 / 600 / 500 research & production
 Flex Glass, plastic and metal foils  OCS 3000 ultra high productive
   OCS 1600 / 1200 ultra high productive
   OCS 800 / 600 research & production
   OCS 300 / 100 research
   OCS-LAB #UTG research
Vertical & horizontal systems
Glass, Plates (vertical) VCS 1300 high productive
  VCS 1300 DSP high productive
  VCS 800 high productive
Tubes (vertical) VCS 1300 Tube research & production
Glass, Plates (horizontal) HCS 2800 high productive
  HCS 1400 high productive
  HCS 800 research & production
Cluster Systems
Wafer, Plates, Carrier CCS 6 research & production
  CCS 4 research & production
Sheets BLS Batch Vacuum Laminating System - Production
  ILS Inline Vacuum Laminating System - Production
Roll, Coil CLS Adenso Continuous R2S Vacuum Laminating System - Production
  CLS-UTG #UTG Ultra-Thin Glass Continuous Laminating System - Research
Special Components
RRU - Roll Resistor Unit gas separation
  RRV - Roll Resistor Valve gas separation valves
  GCU - Gravity Comp. Unit substrate support unit
  STU - Subst. Turning Unit substrate steering
  FCS - Flex Carrier Solution sensitive substrates
UHV Ultra High Vacuum ... 10E - 12mbar
High precision optics   Accelerator components
Surface analysis   Beamline components
HV High Vacuum ... 10E - 7mbar
Device characterisation and testing   E - Beam welding
Thin film deposition:   Surface analysis
Sputtering, Evaporation   Layer stacks
E - Beam deposition, PLD   Integrated circuits
Cryogenic environments ... 5K (-268°C)
Materials research   5 axis handling stages
Device testing   for wafer up to 300mm
Superconducting materials   >up to 450mm coming soon
Liquid gases (nitrogen, helium)    

Your business:

  • Automotive:
    - Heat protection foils
    - Color- & Designfoils
  • Photovoltaic:
    - Flexible solar cells
  • Display:
    - Touch screens
  • Illumination:
    - Light emitting devices
  • Energy Storage:
    - Battery technology
  • Nano- & Biotechnology:
    - Research
  • Architecture:
    - Glass (low-e)
  • Materials research
  • Surface analysis
  • Coating technologies
  • Device testing
  • Optics
  • Sensor technologies
  • Material and layer properties
  • E - Beam technologies