Projekt Work

Projekt Work


Efficient project management is the foundation of a project’s success.

We take over project planning and project management and are responsible for monitoring production and assembly.

Adenso lead your project through to start-up, assembling, installation up to the delivery to the final customer.

Project planning and steering

When starting a project, Adenso use this checklist:

1. Work package – pieces of a project puzzle

We divide the project into single work steps. This makes it easy to calculate time, effort and cost. Moreover, success becomes quickly visible as each completed task is ticked off.

2. Timescale – strong performance in spite of tight schedules

There is a secret to how to finish on time: immediately start the project work after receiving the PO, distribute baseline investigations and share the project in working packages. Thanks to this strategy, hectic periods never even come up.

3. Resource and budget planning

Manpower, material, money – how to keep control? Adenso divide all factors into work packages. And still our motto is: Adequate planning prevents unpleasant surprises.

4. Risk detection, limitation and prevention

Adenso constantly consider the same questions: What factors can become a danger to the project? What could be an obstacle to timescale, budget and achievement of objectives? By completing a comprehensive preliminary planning we evaluate and eliminate any possible danger.

Project Management

Teamwork is an integral part of project management – we accomplish this task successfully thanks to many years of experience.

What we require from ourselves for project management:

1. Handling complexity

Adenso are able to separate important project parts from subjects that do not belong to the project. We focus on decisive aspects and evaluate which effects have to be taken into consideration from all possible viewpoints.

2. Creation of innovative processes

We promote a creative working climate within the project team and provide our full support also in difficult situations.

3. Introduction of special project organisation methods

To a certain degree, innovation and creativity are synonyms for chaos. By the implementation of well-focussed organisational structures, Adenso bring structure into chaos.

4. Leading an interdisciplinary team

Adenso know how to form a team, to consolidate the employees and to create synergies.

5. Balancing structure and creativity

In this context, our most elementary task is to create the right balance between structure and freedom, an atmosphere in which creativity can survive without degenerating into chaos.