FEM calculation & optimization


Mechanical structures (parts, assembling units)

Thermal Task,

Process tasks (vacuum, pressure, isolation, shielding)


Metal (steel, non-ferrous),

Glass, ceramic, silicon, ...

Non -Linear

Sealings (NBR, Viton, Silicon)

Mounting surfaces, sliding surfaces / guidings


Plastics, Adhesive, Rubber,

CFK - carbon fiber laminate


Your business

  • Special equipment
  • Vacuum process technology
  • Pressure vessels / systems
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Machine tools
  • Machine building
  • Railway vehicles
  • Cranes
  • Hoisting platforms
  • Tunnelbuilding
  • Steel structures
  • Fixture equipment
  • Tooling equipment
  • Machine frames / chassis
  • Wafer / semiconductor industry
  • Sensor technology
  • Valve solutions
  • Assembling processes
  • Experts reports (event of damage)
  • ...

FE Method for calculation and simulation

We use the Finite Element Method for static, dynamic and thermal calculations referring to all kinds of tasks. With state-of-the-art software we pre-estimate important component properties. This is how we get accurate data of all relevant parameters at an early stage.

The FEM calculation software ANSYS allows the calculating and checking of the key properties of complex constructions already during the development phase. This already guarantees high planning safety right at the very start of your development projects. High-quality products with low effort in terms of cost and development time are the result..

Some examples of the services we offer you:

  • Stress and deformation analysis of individual constructions
  • Optimization of series and variant constructions
  • Clarification of damages
  • Examination of vibration behavior

Detailed, illustrated analysis records inform you clearly and comprehensively of necessary optimizations and show further potential, for instance for cost savings.

Reference calculations were provided by us in fields such as:

  • Pressure tanks
  • Supporting structures
  • Handling systems
  • Individual parts with regard to load and durability

FEM-datasheet (700kb)

FEM-simulation (2800kb)