Customized automation solutions for the automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, ...


... are one of the main business units from Adenso. Solid knowledge of engineering is the basis. The "special something” is added by creativity, curiosity and vision.

Starting with hand-work places up to fully automated assembling lines with highest productivity - we provide you with full service. That means: You define the goal and we develop and manufacture the product tailored to your requirements.





Work pieces
  Plastic parts, sealings
    electronic devices, covers, pins,
    sheet metal parts, ...
Delivery form
  Bulk cargo, Tray, Blister,
    Magazines, Tubes, Barrel, ...
Handling systems   Feeding technology, Pick and Place,
    Linear transport systems
    Rotary table, ...
Processes   Assembling, welding,
    Soldering, Bonding, Injection,
    Heating, Cooling, Covering,
    Laser scribing, ...
    Testing (elt + vision systems)

Your business:

High end and fully automated production:

  • Automotive
  • Elektronics
  • Medical
  • Chemical
  • Biotechnology