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Welcome to Adenso, your strong and professional development partner for special equipment for research and production.


We develop solutions for your individual requirements, program and build prototypes and see them through to serial production.

We create and evaluate concepts, organise and give advice.

Everything we do is motivated by the requirements and needs of our business partners.


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  Ideas, concepts, variations, development, design, ...
  Calculation and simulation: FEM Finite Element Method
  Patent application


  Assembling lines
  Test systems

  Robot technology
  Clean room equipment
 Winding Systems #R2R + #R2S
  Atmospheric R2R and R2S - plants
  R2R winding systems for vacuum environment
  Lamination of flexible materials

 Vacuum Technology
  HV high vacuum ... UHV ultra high vacuum
  New machnine concepts for new materials and processes

  Own products for HV/UHV vacuum environment
 VAC - business units:
 Vacuum Cluster Systems
  HV + UHV cluster plants for Research and production
  WHR-VAC Wafer Handling Robot

  LLM Load Lock Module
 Substrate Handling / Wafer Handling Robot
  Substrate- and carrierhandling in vacuum environment
  Highest laod in the market
  Ultra large travel ranges

  Compact footprint
 R2R Roll-to-Roll
  Vacuum - Rollcoater:
  compact, modular, horizontal/vertical, one-side-touch-versions, ...
  Plastic foils, metal foils, paper, textiles, thin glasses, ...
  Sputtering, evaporating, electron beam technology, ALD
, ...
 #UTG Ultra Thin Glass
  Thin glasses for R2R Roll-to-Roll processing
  New machine concepts for new materials

  Coating, structuring, annealing, laminierung
  Research >>> Production
 Safety Features and Equipment
  Safety concepts for research and productions plants
  Safety analysis

  Wrong way driver barrier / Ghost Driver Barrier
  Energy strorage / battery technology
  Photovoltaic + Solar heat

  Innovative machine concepts
 solutions you need





aktuelle Förderprojekte:

  Das Bundesminsiterium für Wirtschaft und Energie BMWi fördert das Projekt:

  "Rotationsmassenspeicher in Verbindung mit Windkraftanlagen"






Europa fördert Sachsen

aktuelle Förderprojekte:

- Messen, Aussenwirtschaft nano tech 2018

nano tech 2018


Europa fördert Sachsen

- Messen, Aussenwirtschaft Semicon Europa 2017



Europa fördert Sachsen

- Messen, Aussenwirtschaft LOPEC 2017



Europa fördert Sachsen

- InnoExpert



Europa fördert Sachsen

- Markteinführung innovativer Produkte

Markteinführung innovativer Produkte


Europa fördert Sachsen

- FuE Verbundprojektförerung

FuE Verbundprojektförerung


Europa fördert Sachsen